Style Dots Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Style Dots Affiliate?

Style Dots Affiliates are independent sales representatives that earn commissions on their personal sales and any other sales made using their assigned Style Dots Affiliate link.

How much can I earn as a Style Dots Affiliate?

Affiliates earn 10% in commission. Affiliates are paid based on their total personal monthly sales.

What do I get as an Affiliate so I can start making sales?

Affiliates are provided with their own custom Style Dots Affiliate link. Any orders placed using that link will count toward their monthly sales. They are also provided with an account that allows them to track their monthly sales and view their customer orders. 

How are Affiliates paid?

Affiliates are paid through the Pay Quicker Commissions Card.

How do I sign up as an Affiliate?

Affiliates can sign up through an existing Boutique Partners' website or at 

What does it cost to sign up as a Style Dots Affiliate? What are the ongoing Affiliate costs?

There is a one time fee of $15 to enroll as an Affiliate and receive the Affiliate Kit. There are no ongoing costs associated with having an Affiliate account as long as you maintain minimum activity requirements.

What are the activity requirements to maintain a Style Dots Affiliate account?

To maintain an Affiliate account, you must sell a minimum of $100 bi-annually. Please see the Affiliate Policies and Procedures for additional details. 

What’s the difference between Boutique Partners and Affiliates? Can Affiliates become Boutique Partners?

Boutique Partners are full-fledged independent business owners that share Rewards Links, earn free products, sponsor new Boutique Partners and Affiliates, earn team bonuses, earn 20-40% commissions on their personal sales, are eligible for Start with Style rewards, can earn company incentives and trips, and are eligible for Style Dots awards and recognition.

Affiliates are independent sales reps that earn 10% commission on their personal sales. Affiliates are not Boutique Partners, but can easily upgrade to a Boutique Partner account to get all the added perks listed above.   

Both Boutique Partners and Affiliates have the opportunity to participate in early-release ordering.  

Can I have more than one Affiliate account?

Affiliates can only have one account.

If I’m an Affiliate, can I sponsor other Affiliates or Boutique Partners?

Affiliates cannot enroll other Affiliates or Boutique Partners.

However, you can upgrade to Boutique Partner, and then you’ll be able to recruit Affiliates and other Boutique Partners to join your team; although, please note that anyone who joined through your Affiliate link prior to you upgrading to a Boutique Partner account will not be in your downline.

EXAMPLE: Joanne is an Affiliate that joined February 1; Joanne upgrades her account to a Boutique Partner account February 25. Anyone who enrolls using Joanne's personal website link after March 1 (when Joanne became a Boutique Partner) will enroll under Joanne. 

Can I be an Affiliate and a Boutique Partner at the same time?

You cannot be an Affiliate and a Boutique Partner at the same time. 

I'm enrolled as an Affiliate, but I want to become a Boutique Partner. How do I do this, and how are my commissions impacted?

It’s easy! Email no later than 5 PM (ET) on the 25th of the month, and let us know you would like to earn Boutique Partner sales commissions for the following month.

EXAMPLE: Joanne is an Affiliate who joined February 1; she emails to upgrade her account to a Boutique Partner account February 17. Because she upgraded her account by the 25th of the month, the entirety of her February commissions will be paid out at Affiliate status. Beginning March 1, Joanne will be paid out as a Boutique Partner and eligible for sales bonuses.

I'm an Affiliate, and I want to sign up as a Boutique Partner. Do I have to sign up with my existing mentor?

Affiliates are required to enroll with their existing mentor. Affiliates who want to enroll with someone other than their original mentor must terminate their account and wait six months to rejoin with a different mentor. 

I'm an Affiliate. Can I request a percent off for my link to share with my followers?

Your custom link cannot be discounted. However, you can share the 10% off offer to new customers who sign up for the Style Dots newsletter.

Is there a minimum age requirement to become an Affiliate?

Affiliates must be at least 18 years old.

Do I need to agree to any terms and conditions to become an Affiliate?

Yes. You must agree to our Policies and Procedures during the Affiliate sign-up process. You can reference the document HERE.